Sunday, January 18, 2009

time cherished::

While house sitting this month, I got to pretend I owned a great black lab named Macy... on nice days (i.e. when it was above 10 degrees F) we would go on walks, or run around in the back fields... and this time I brought along Charis and Nathaniel to enjoy the 30* day!
Nathaniel got a little tired, good thing big sis doesn't mind carrying him, right? Charis took this picture of us... :)

Oh, they're cute.

One last photo of happiness.
The moon rise was really pretty...

And it was a great time - just thought I would share some pictures! :)

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Ruth Ann said...

*awww* Just absolutely adorable, Abby. :) What fun times, and I'm sure all the funner because you have those cuties to spend it with. :) I love these pictures! And of course would love to see more like them. Your smile is contagious!