Wednesday, January 21, 2009

oh yeah!

This wedding was my most favorite ever.

Of course, the latest one usually is.... but it's because I'm constantly learning new things and pushing myself to reach new personal bests! I love to try to amaze myself. :P

Check this out:

ttfn! -a


Paige said...

Wow!! LOVE 'm!! Absolutely beautiful and professional!!
What do you use to edit your photos?

Janna said...

Those were gorgeous. One of my favorites was the one on the bridge -- the slightly blurred one. Neat effect! It gave the photo a dreamlike quality.

Abigail said...

Paige, I use Adobe Lightroom (and several magical presets!) to edit the slideshow photos... and then I take them into Photoshop sometimes as well.

But yeah. Lightroom is the way to GO for a simplified workflow. :)

Janna, thank you! I actually did that purposefully, while I was taking the picture, instead of afterwords in my post processing. I like how it turned out, too. :)

Ruth Ann said...

wowzers, Abby! I love them. Such a beautiful bride, and pretty pictures.

I agree...Lightroom is AMAZING! And I don't know half as much as you do. It makes workflow go so much faster though.

May I ask, though, are the presets you are using your own, Lightrooms, or did you download them from somewhere? I know you can make your own presets but haven't tried doing that. It's the whole question of *hows* - but I'd love to know if you're using your own or not.

Love ya!

Paige said...

Thanks!! I'm currently using elements 6. I don't know too much about how to use it though. :)
I downloaded a trial of Lightroom, it's an amazing program!! Gotta love it!
Do you know of any books/websites that have helped you with lighting/photography in general? I absolutely love your're in my top fave. photographers!!!