Wednesday, January 21, 2009

random, but cute!

Annika Faith is almost 9 months old now, and helps us keep the kitchen floor clean. :) Hehe - only joking... I think we do sweep and mop quite a bit more often though, now that she's mobile!

Savannah and me: the sickly children. We got to wear these most excellent masks at a Christmas party.

A beautiful girl: Abby Hope
I got to take sr. pictures for Abby last fall, what an enjoyable experience! And I liked this one a lot, so I thought I would post it!

A beautiful woman: Sarah Edwards.
Definitely a friend to keep for a good long time.

Told you it was a random post... but I just had the itch to blog, and a few pictures to share... so I combined them. Whoohoo!

Until the next post, I remain, yours faithfully,
Abigail :)


Paige said...

Hey Abby! I check your blog out everyday, you do such professional photography!! I love the portraits!!

Ruth Ann said...

I love your random post - this was absolutely fun Abby!

Your little sister is most adorable and makes me want to pick her up and make her laugh. She looks full of laughs, smiles and all things fun & girly. :)

Those masks are absolutely amazing. :) The girls behind them are quite special, and I love the picture.

All of the pictures are great... Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for more!