Tuesday, July 29, 2008

thanks to a boyscout!

Jacob must have been around 11 years old. He was visiting Mt. Rushmore with his troop from Minnesota, and we got to chatting... he loves camping and his mom, and he bought her a blue necklace from the gift shop. Good little man. I asked him if he would mind taking a picture of my friend Hannah and I, and as I showed him where to put his responsible young hands on the huge body of the Mark III, the rest of his troop began to take an interest. "That's the picture, right there," was the remark of one of the troop leaders as I was giving him his impromptu lesson. He took a couple of test clicks, and then I ran and hopped in the picture. I wish that you guys could've seen it... five of his friends got out their point and shoots and took a picture of him taking a picture of us... :) Made my day.

Thank you, Jacob.