Tuesday, December 1, 2009

of marshmallows and punk bands

Oh look. It's me and my fearless Charis sister. We're in black and white because it's the coolest. Okay, okay, so maybe it's because the white balance was on cloudy and the kitchen wasn't cloudy that day. Anyway! We were having fun since we were FINALLY able to get our schedules synced to let us make little marshmallow men. (Back when I was a young'un of 6, I didn't have a schedule except do school, climb trees, eat cookies and go to bed.)
Here are the things. Ta-Da!! The more we looked at them the more we thought they looked like a punk boys band, and since they all have three little pretzel legs we named them the Tripods. Isn't that SO COOL?! They're coming to a kitchen near you.

Once more, my sweet sister who must've had something in her mouth or else she'd be showing off her amazing toothless grin.
I love you, Charis!