Wednesday, January 21, 2009

oh yeah!

This wedding was my most favorite ever.

Of course, the latest one usually is.... but it's because I'm constantly learning new things and pushing myself to reach new personal bests! I love to try to amaze myself. :P

Check this out:

ttfn! -a

random, but cute!

Annika Faith is almost 9 months old now, and helps us keep the kitchen floor clean. :) Hehe - only joking... I think we do sweep and mop quite a bit more often though, now that she's mobile!

Savannah and me: the sickly children. We got to wear these most excellent masks at a Christmas party.

A beautiful girl: Abby Hope
I got to take sr. pictures for Abby last fall, what an enjoyable experience! And I liked this one a lot, so I thought I would post it!

A beautiful woman: Sarah Edwards.
Definitely a friend to keep for a good long time.

Told you it was a random post... but I just had the itch to blog, and a few pictures to share... so I combined them. Whoohoo!

Until the next post, I remain, yours faithfully,
Abigail :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

time cherished::

While house sitting this month, I got to pretend I owned a great black lab named Macy... on nice days (i.e. when it was above 10 degrees F) we would go on walks, or run around in the back fields... and this time I brought along Charis and Nathaniel to enjoy the 30* day!
Nathaniel got a little tired, good thing big sis doesn't mind carrying him, right? Charis took this picture of us... :)

Oh, they're cute.

One last photo of happiness.
The moon rise was really pretty...

And it was a great time - just thought I would share some pictures! :)