Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Angelle Missios

It meant so much to be able to take pictures for Angelle, because, not only is she a fantastically talented wedding and portrait photographer herself, but she is my friend. We started our photography careers together, way back when...
And now we're all grown up and getting married! Well... she is. :)
Life is beautiful, you know? All its twists and turns... and then happily ever after.
(romantic sigh)


Lydia said...

These are beautiful, Abby! The first and last pictures are my favorites!

Ruth Ann said...

beautiful bride, and beautiful pictures!!! You are amazing, Abby! I love them all but I am so loving the lighting on the 5th picture down - WOW! I was looking at these and thinking how all these poses & locations are really neat and she looks so natural at it - and then I was like "well she is a photographer!" grin

Well I loved seeing these Abby, they're great. :) I hope to be able to take pictures like you one day - just amazing. :)

Love you!

MOTZ said...

Super nice stuff, Abby!

I'm excited about working with you very soon. YAY!!