Monday, September 28, 2009


Wow, I just LOVE this picture from Caleb and Lauren's wedding!! I think it sums up the simplicity and beauty of their day. Sigh. I like it when me and my camera come up with things like this.


Lydia said...


Grace Anne Photography said...

This is a GoRgEoUs picture!!! Can't wait to see more! :)

hannah said...

Hi!! I got your blog address from a friend of mine, Paige Overturf. I don't know if you know her personally, but she said that she really enjoyed your blog.

She also told me your last name was Vanderhamm. (I THINK that's how you spell it!!) You're probably going to think I'm really silly when I ask you this... but I'm going to ask you anyway!! Do you have a sister named Hannah? About six years ago, I had a penpal named Hannah Vanderhamm and she was about my age. (16) I lost her address about five years ago and haven't heard from her since. And I don't even know if I'm spelling her or your last name correctly, so please forgive me!!! We only exchanged a few letters, and I was only 10, so I don't remember much about her family.

Now it could just be coincidence, but she also had a sister named Sarah and a sister named Kara. I didn't recall her having a sister named Abigail... but I recall that she had a lot of siblings! And just so you don't think I'm totally strange, my name's Hannah Pittelkow. Which wouldn't mean anything... if you aren't even the same family!

So if I got you confused with someone else, PLEASE forgive me!! I just thought that it was a neat coincidence that you two had the same last name. =)

And I probably sound like a total nut... =) I'm SO sorry if you're the wrong person!!! =) You can ask Paige Overturf about me (, she and I are good friends. :D

Again, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry if I got your family and the family of my pen pal from 6 years ago confused!!


Mom of 7 said...

We have looked at the pictures over and over and over again. They bring back such wonderful memories and you really captured the heart of what that night was like. Thank you so much!