Thursday, January 13, 2011

sisters and nieces too!

My little sister Annika (on the right, with bangs) and my little niece Briana (blonde, with the bow) are great friends. My mom and sister had babies within 4ish months of each other, and the result is that our growing family just fits right in with the original kids! I took these pictures when I was home for Thanksgiving, and they are SO cute that I just had to share...

I think kids are one of my favorite subjects - their personality is so real (even if it means they're just in a bad mood for the moment!) Thankfully, these girls had taken their naps so lots of fun was had by all. :)



Sarah Bradshaw said...


Ruth Ann said...

^what Sarah said. :D

but really take such pretty pictures. And...I love children too. They're so REAL. And I like real people. =)