Saturday, November 29, 2008


The last "cheese" for the day. Heh.

My favorite girls in the world.
From l-r: Me, Sarah and Kara

The day after Thanksgiving proved the perfect time to catch a few portraits of my crazy family... Charis, (top picture) when I asked her to pose so that I could make a portrait of her in the beautiful window light, replied "I don't have to LOOK at you anymore, Abby!" Yes... we had been busy with pictures for the last half hour... but she managed to squeak out one last "CHEESE." for me. : ) Begrudging though it may be, I still think she's one of the most charming litle sisters a girl could have. Yes indeed.

I love my family!!


Ruth Ann said...

Abby, your little & 'bigger' sisters are absolutely beautiful & lovely!!! I love these pictures...what sweet times those must have been. Did you take any family pics of everybody? If so I would love to see them if you didn't mind sharing!

Love you!
Ruth Ann

Lydia said...

Love these pictures!