Thursday, October 16, 2008


Me, Dave, Mandy, Ben (and the hand is Jonny)

So, here's a group picture of the fabulous five in Barcelona... in an elevator... yes. We love elevators. After the Day of 1000 stairs in Florence, Italy... yes. Ahem.

More stories and pictures soon to come - I'm finishing about 3 weddings this week before I'm "allowed" to post more. :)


Ruth Ann said...

How fun!! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :) Sounds like you all had a great time, even though I missed you somewheat dreadfully!! That picture reminds me so much of you...your smile is beautiful!!

ps: so is it "Abby" or "Abi" ??? Both?

Sarah said...

Can I say how much I missed being there? But it does my heart good to know that you enjoyed yourself. We should schedule a trip together sometime...

Lydia said...

Girl, you really need to finish your website!