Friday, September 26, 2008

IPS (and etc...)

Yes, yes... Just a few images from this fabulous few weeks in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I really can't believe how much I've enjoyed this time. I had no idea how great it was to be able to communicate your passion to another and see their enthusiasm grow about the same thing! I love photography!! - I know that now more than ever - and I am ever grateful that God has allowed me this opportunity to pass on this excitement.
Sometimes I think I'll positively BUST because I'm so happy about life.


Lydia said...

It looks like you all had a fabulous time! Awesome pictures!

Ruth Ann said...

Abby! Ahhh...the memories which those pictures bring to my mind!! Thank YOU for inspiring me. I was at a wedding this evening and I would have loved to be at least trying my hand at the *real* thing. I did have my camera and got what I could, but there were cameras everywhere. (alas, it was the oldest son of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, the family with 17 children and one more on the way :) It made me REALLY excited to the fact that Lord willing, one day I could be shooting a wedding. You are so encouraging to me, and I'm so glad that you love photography more because you were able to teach it. I miss you bunches Abby, but thanks for this post. I've thought about y'all all week long and imagined all the fun you were having. You have blessed my life, and taught me that I need to try harder and keep working on improving. Hopefully one day my images will be fantastic (and you'll be able to say so) because of the grace God has given me. I love the picture of you, Katie, Mandy & Hannah...Katie looks so excited! *grin* And oh...btw, your pictures are quite amazing - if I could ever be able to take pictures like that, I think I'd be happy.

Love you bunches and talk to you later!!!

~ Ruth Ann